Long Paw of the Law by Laurie Anne Marie, an outstanding new author!

“Long Paw of the Law” is a really great first book in a series and I look forward to the rest. Laurie Anne Marie did a great job of creating this twisting and turning story with a quirky plot line and out of the mold characters.
Amazon The Long arm of the Law
Ashley is a line cook at a restaurant, who loves Shakespeare and her cats. She has two fun loving friends and an adorable set of parents who help her as she gets caught up in a dangerous situation. Add the hunky detective and her two adorable cats and you have the makings of a great story. The trick is who done it and how many more muffins and chocolate croissants can Ashley really eat before they catch this killer.

I loved the new type of characters. Ashley is a slightly overweight line cook who loves her job and loves her cat even more. She recently broke up with her good for nothing boyfriend and somehow gets herself wrapped up in a murder investigation. I like the lightheartedness of the book, while the book still keeps me guessing at who done it. I like the added romance and friendship that makes the characters feel real, along with the bond of parents and children when one is in need. Like the other reviews, Laurie Anne Marie did a wonderful job of creating this twisting plot of suspects, each one more likely to have done it than the last. Yet in the end she shocks us again when we find out the real killer. I also really liked that the author found a new “hook” so to say. It was a creative way to have people relate to the character. She was slightly overweight and loved sweets. Every good main character has “something” that makes them memorable and relatable and Laurie Anne did a good job of creating that hook for her main character “Ashley”. Add in the quirky mom and dad who always have something to say and you end up with a great balance!

I do have some constructive criticism for Laurie Anne however. I found the writing to be a bit strange. Not bad, it was definitely not bad, just different. Ashley “talks” to herself in her head a lot, which is really the only way to get the point across yet she writes it as if she is really speaking it instead of just explaining the situation like most authors do. Like I said, it’s not bad, just different.

I also found myself craving a bit more detail, a bit more specifics. I would have like her to have painted the picture more for me; the surroundings and the events both. I felt as if I was missing a small part of the book. For instance when Ashley was in a particular sticky situation that was pretty tense for both Ashley and the reader, it ended quickly and I felt as if I wanted more from the scene. The same happened when Ashley or anyone was carrying on a conversation, I felt that there could have been a lot more words, maybe some descriptions about body language or smells, sounds, sights that were not displayed. Because the book and the plot was so rich and exciting, I wanted more from the words; I wanted to envision what Laurie Anne envisioned when she wrote the words.

Overall, this was an outstanding first book. The author created a story that was engaging and suspenseful, yet lighthearted and warming. I recommend this book for anyone who likes a love story, a mystery or just a fun read!!

Let me know what you think!!!!

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