My rambling thoughts on Dog Crazy by Meg Donohue

Who can even resist a book with three adorable lab puppies looking out at you? Well, my daughter certainly couldn’t (she is only 2 after all) so I picked up this book at the last minute at the library and I am very glad that I did. A really sweet, wonderful read!!! (click on the book to go to Amazon to buy it today!)

Dog Crazy

Maggie recently moved to San Francisco to start over after a breakup. She opens a pet bereavement counseling service where she helps patients who have lost a dog. Meanwhile she has just lost her dog 100 days ago, oh and hasn’t been out of the house since. With the help of a spunky poodle named Giselle, an adorable mutt named Seymour, and a girl named Anya who has her own problems as well, Maggie finds a way to get over her fear of leaving her house and embarks on a new life.

I really liked the way that Meg Donohue wrote. She painted such a vivid picture of all the characters, both human and dog alike. I liked that even though this book was light and easy to read, it dealt with some serious issues too. It was about helping and hoping and the therapy of a friend. Meg created these characters that were so different and unexpected, but that worked so well together!! I also loved that the book was about more than just Maggie’s journey to find help for herself. I liked that while Maggie was helping others, others were helping her too and in the most unexpected ways. Meg did a terrific job of creating Maggie, the main character. I think sometimes a main character with serious issues can become whiny and you find yourself not feeling sorry for them but being annoyed by their voice. Meg found a way to make Maggie have a problem, a rather large one at that, but that seemed to not captivate the book so to say. It made Maggie a very likable voice that your heart went out for when the time was right, but that didn’t take away from others problems when necessary.

I will say that the premise and relationships underneath all the personality was a bit predictable; however Meg did a wonderful job of taking a generic premise about love and loss and creating this lovable tale. She also did a great job of creating these three dimensional characters and just making this story come alive in a way not many people can. There was heartbreak and sadness mingled in just enough so that the underlying happiness wasn’t to over the top. At the end there was a nice little twist that you wanted the whole time but that you didn’t see coming and who doesn’t love a happy ending really 🙂

Great job Meg Donohue, I look forward to going back and reading some of your other books that I have missed out on until now! A must read for dog lovers. But even if you don’t like dogs, this book will put a smile on your face and a flame in your heart. Has anyone else read this book, if so what did you think? Have any of you read anything else by Meg Donohue, if so what did you think and which one should I start with?!

Let me know what you think!!!!

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