I re-read books. Do you?

I re-read books.

I know that some people just do, and some don’t. I re-read books for the 2nd, 5th, 10th, cough 20th (Harry Potter) time and love them just the same. I love that tingling feeling you get when you are anticipating something and even though I know what that something is, I still get all excited just the same. Sometimes I think it is better the 2nd or 20th time. I can anticipate what’s coming and even though I kind of know the story, you don’t remember everything and each time I can find a new and different part that I didn’t remember from the last time. That’s why books are so outstanding. I really love reading stories at a different point in your life. Re-reading books that you read in high school or even before is really quite amazing. You find new insight into the characters and find new lessons that the author was trying to impart on the reader. It’s all about context and finding that new context in an old book is really awesome for me. It also goes the other way, I have been following a thread on Goodreads about “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madame Engle and have been trying to defend a book that I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid and as an adult. Each time I read it, I found that I connected with different characters and took away a new idea or concept.

Right now I am re-reading Divergent however it is the most inappropriate time to be re-reading a book. I have 3 library books out and a Kindle FULL of those amazing cozy mysteries (free from Book Bub) and a to-read list on Goodreads that is a mile long! But I am. I got to the point where Tris jumps off the train and I was so excited inside and I almost literally squealed with joy when she first meets Four!! I know what happens at the end, and even throughout the whole book but reading it again makes it just as suspenseful. It’s almost easier to absorb the surrounding stories when you don’t have to focus on the direct plot. That opens up a whole can of worms about finding hidden meanings in books and how sometimes when I finish a book, I want to flip it over and start again because the ending changes everything and I feel like I need to read it again just to enjoy the new insight I gained from the ending!

Re-reading a book is like meeting an old friend again and I LOVE it!! I am notorious for re-reading Harry Potter. I literally had to rebuy The Sorcerer’s Stone because the cover fell off. The moral of this short post is to see if I am alone in this re-reading world or if I just need to get some friends and stop reading old books 🙂 Does anyone else find that re-reading a book gives it a new light and creates a whole new experience for you? If so, what is your favorite book or author to re-read? I have re-read a ton of books but a few of my favorite are Sarah Dessen, Dan Brown, The Giver, Harry Potter (of course), and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Do you ever feel guilty for re-reading a book when you know there are so many outstanding ones out there?!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


My “Safe” Genre


I wanted to address my current reading trends for all the people that read this and don’t know me. I really like to read and have a wide variety of genres that I typically enjoy. I have been known to read non-fiction, historical novels, mysteries, chick lit, fantasy, as well as classical. I feel the need to defend my current pattern of reading, as even I know it is a bit “light hearted”.

I am a mom of a toddler. That is all.

mom of a toddler


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Be Happy, for this moment, this moment is your life- Omar Khayyam


I have been struggling with something to write these past couple of weeks. My life has been pretty normal. Work, home, clean, cook, sleep. But I have realized a very important thing in these last couple of days that I decided were good enough to share. Continue reading

Taking it all in

I have been trying find a way to make the holidays less crazy- not successful as there is over a pound of needles surrounding my dead dead dead Christmas tree, most of my presents are not wrapped, my daughter emptied her entire diaper drawer last night, she refuses to stop trying to put her hands in my toilet (ik, disgusting- but my first toilet lock already broke and I haven’t had time to install the second one yet!) and my house is an overall mess.

Yet, through all of the craziness, the holidays are my favorite time. I love the chaos, I love the lights, I love seeing friends and family and giving (and receiving) presents. I can’t wait to pile all of Lily’s presents around the tree on Christmas Eve and I can’t wait for her to wake up and see them and rip open the paper. Even though she won’t even remember this Christmas, this was one of the reasons I wanted kids! I love spending time with family, sitting around a table with wine- or coffee if you prefer and chatting about nothing in particular. I love the craziness of screaming, excited, sugar high kids playing with all their new toys.

This Christmas my goal is to be thankful- thankful for who and what I have, thankful for the wonderful people that I surround myself with and thankful for all the things that I have. Oh and wine, I am thankful for wine. I want to take all the time that I can to soak up the love and laughter that will be around me. I find myself often thinking about all of the things I could do better. I could be reading to Lily instead of taking one second to sink into the couch. I could be cleaning the toilet instead of just shutting the door so Lily doesn’t stick her hand in it. Could have, should have, would have, I want to forget it all and just absorb. I want to take the extra time to speak to the ones I don’t speak to often and to genuinely enjoy myself.

Now I know some of you are thinking, yeah right- I am going to be running out of my house Christmas morning screaming at my husband not to forget the dang pie. But that is what I will try not to do, try not to yell and to get upset over things that just don’t matter. I will be cooking next Saturday for my family, so we will see if this can truly be pulled off. I didn’t say anything about surviving without wine J I will talk more about it soon, but this train of thought, this bone I have been chewing on kind of leads into my New Year’s Resolution, so check back for that post!

Happy Holidays and thank you for listening!