2016 Erin Condren LifePlanner

Hi Everyone!

I am gearing up to get next years Erin Condren planner and wanted to share the link to the website and my excitement for the new one! I know its hard to think about next year already but I like to get mine early so that I can enter all the birthdays and anniversaries now and start to get it all pretty for me come January! If you click on the picture below, it will take you to my referral page where you can look at the planners and accessories that Erin creates! My Erin Condren planner has saved my life sometimes! I posted quite a bit about it at the beginning of this year when I first got it but haven’t said much about it since so I thought I would update you in preparation for my new one!!

Erin Condren Logo

I carry my planner in my purse and it goes everywhere with me. I slip documents in it when I need to take care of them, I stick Post it notes on the pages when I need to remember something and I write down each event that I need to keep track of. Right now our lives are not too crazy but I know that once my daughter starts school that it will be even more useful.

I think the thing that helped me the most with my planner was to use it all the time. I take it out of my bag at work every day and look it at. It helps to remind me of things that need to get done and what I can expect for the coming weeks. I also try to use it to jot down goals and ideas that bounce around in my head. If you follow my blog you realize that I am not really a blogger. This is a space for me to write down my thoughts and to have discussions about topics that I like. I find a lot of reviews of these planners by bloggers or business people with multiple things going on in their lives. I have a daughter and a job but still find that my planner works really well for me. I like how pretty it is and the money that I have to invest in it makes me use it. I know that’s a pretty horrible reason to use a planner but it works for me!!

The New LifePlanner has a horizontal layout option which I am PUMPED about. I really love the functionality of the planner but think my brain would work better in that layout. I also love the new space for goals and ideas which I think I will use a lot! As always they have the lined pages which is good and now graph paper which will be awesome! At the back of my planner right now I have drawings of how I wanted my living room rearranged, and how I wanted my “drop zone” to be set up. graph paper will be awesome for that in the future!!

On the lined pages in the back I keep my TBR (to be read) list and I LOVE IT. I love that there is always a spot for me to put these titles down that I will not lose.

Another fun option that she has is the notebook with an option to add the monthly calendar. I have thrown that idea around in my head, because often times I find that I am really just planning weekends but then the next week I use every ounce of space on my weekly view and I am glad I went with the full book.

Erin has also created some seriously awesome accessories. Coil Clips are genius, they let you clip in any wayward piece of mail or invite that you may have floating in your planner. She also has really great stickers and other cute things to personalize your planner. I also have invested in Washi Tape and use that like its going out of style. It is always more fun when you want to look at your planner and when you invest time in making it beautiful for yourself!

So I hope that I have inspired a few of you to look into the planner for yourselves!! Happy Planning and let me know how it works out for you!

My February 12×30 Challenge!

So I decided to join into a Link party called “February 12X30 Challenge: Get Organized”. I have been trying all year (a whole month) to whip my life, finances and house into tip top shape.

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The wait is over…My Erin Condren Planner!!!!!

It’s here. You have no idea how excited I am. MY ERIN CONDREN LIFE PLANNER IS HERE. I was like a dog, waiting at the door every single night just hoping that the fed-ex man would come. AND IT’S FINALLY HERE! I had to wait for my daughter to go to bed before I opened it. I wanted to give it my full attention.


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My Planner is coming TODAY!!

OMG! I am very ashamed to say how ecstatic I am that my Erin Condren planner should be here TODAY! I have been planning for this planner, using scraps of paper for my to-do lists and meal plans since I ordered it and it should be here TODAY! I have already planned out my post for when I open it, planned out what is going to go on each page, and already have a monthly to-do list for NEXT MONTH. I am so prepared, I am way too prepared. I have watched way too many videos, “Googled” way too many planners, and Pinned way too many articles on successful “planning”.

My whole plan will probably fall apart the second I get this planner and realize how hard it is to stay organized, but I don’t care. Right now all I can think about is how dang organized I am going to be and how pretty my planner is going to look with all of my washi tape and sharpie markers! How easy and stress free my nights are going to be 😉

OMG, I cant wait to get home and rip that box open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS, if you haven’t heard about Erin Condren Planners, there is a $10 discount if you sign up for her emails! She also has amazing other cute accessories and ideas, I haven’t tried any of them but they look awesome!  http://www.erincondren.com

Any last minute advice from friends who keep a planner? Advice on how to use it daily, best ways to use it etc.?

My Plan to plan for my Life Planner :)


The link above is for the life planner that I just purchased. I have no idea if its going to work but was inspired by a blog that I follow- http://kaysepratt.com/2014/12/ultimate-planner-review.html.

This life planner is supposed to simply everything. My resolution is kind of just that- to plan and make my life as easy as possible.

So- my plan for my new planner:

Plan my meals–plan my workouts–plan my cleaning–plan my laundry–plan my goals–plan my doctors appointments(and Lily’s and Heath’s and my dog and cats)–plan my blog ideas–plan my shopping needs–plan other needs–plan our budget–plan–plan–plan!!

I will keep you up to date on how my planning of my planner goes- when I get my planner, it should be here by next week and then I can put my plan into my planner and put my plans into action!!

(PS- yes I know I used plan a lot 🙂 )